Saturday, 17 January 2009

This recession isn't all bad...

The media has been up to its usual tricks once again, convincing everyone that this ‘credit crunch’ (oh, how I detest the word – it’s a R-E-C-E-S-S-I-O-N) is a bad thing. But if you take the time to scratch the surface, it’s really not that bad.

Good things to come out of the recession? One thing is most definitely the influx of meal deal vouchers that various high street chains are issuing faster than you can say ‘panic marketing strategy’. (Especially good if you still have a bit of spending money left in your dilapidated wallet – disposable income – remember that?)

Another fantastic result of the farcical economic situation is the demise of Estate Agents. Apparently, corporate Mini-driving London buffoons ‘Foxtons’ are in very real trouble, with recent results showing that they’re selling less houses than Northern Rock are selling mortgages – ouch.

Now before you all start accusing me of being a heartless writer who’s chronicling the demise of Estate Agents to fill a blog post and raise a few laughs, (what about the human interest angle – all those Estate Agents out of work?) – let me remind you that to qualify as a human interest story, those in question have to be human.

The greasy, unethical, incompetent, liars that form the Estate Agents population, fail to register (on my radar anyway) as human. I have NEVER had a pleasant experience with an estate agent, have spent hours of my own time chasing them up following reams and reams of consistent lies, inadequacies and general balls-ups and find their unhelpful attitude a complete contradiction to what ‘service industry’ employees should be like.

The age-old phrase ‘chickens coming home to roost’ springs to mind here, and for once, I am the cock (so to speak) that is crowing.

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  1. Also people with buy to let properties are feeling the pinch...oh the humanity!