Friday, 16 January 2009

Racist Royals?

So once again, a member of our ‘diplomatic’ and ‘modern’ Royal Family has appeared on the front pages of daily rags up and down the country, accused of making an inappropriate remark to a member of Britain’s ethnic community.

No, Prince Philip hasn’t been up to his usual tricks meeting and greeting ‘Johnny Foreigners’ – the bigoted buffoon has handed the stupid remarks baton to his grandson, third in line to the throne, Prince ‘Puff the Magic Dragon’ Harry.

Now, I of all people detest the monolithic bandwagon that is ‘political correctness’. Good ol’ Harry has already said, regarding the incident in question, that he was referring to a friend with a term of affection, which is easily believed.

Living in London, one soon picks up friends from all walks of life and from several different national backgrounds. Those closest to me enjoy some good old fashioned banter that I’m sure the ‘PC Police’ would easily misconstrue as ‘risqué’, whether racial, ageist or sexist, but the point I make is just that – it’s banter.

I have an ambivalent attitude towards the Royal Family – whilst I disagree with the undemocratic nature of landed privilege, I’m also a bit of a stickler for tradition, Rule Britannia and all that, even if she has been forcibly removed from our 50 pence pieces – bah humbug!

So for once, I’m making a stand for Prince Harry. It can’t be easy growing up in the public eye, especially when you’re continually derided for things as trivial as this ‘racism’ business. Let’s leave the sensationalism of banal issues to the tabloids and their illiterate editorial teams. This whole issue is much more ‘breeze in a thimble’ than the storm in a teacup the low-brow media has hyped it up to be.


  1. I think its pretty obvious Prince Harry is not racist, we know how tabloid journalism works. Sensationalism over facts. The army isnt racist by default, yes there will be some racist people in EVERY place of work, be that a supermarket or a platoon. But there is a big difference between racism with meaning and aggression versus the benign intent of the young prince.

    Incidentally there was another article on Prince Charles today about his apparently racist nickname for his long term friend Kolin Dhillon. "Sooty" lets face it is a pretty funny term of endearment from one racially secure man to another. THIS is where the left wing PC brigade come in, walking and talking since 1997...

  2. Wise words indeed Mose, wise words indeed. I may not be in the army, but I work with an American and a Portu'geezer' - the banter us three throw around is certainly a PC grenade waiting to go off - difference is, we don't pull the metaphorical pin - it never passes the banter stage.